Thursday, August 11, 2011

Running Mad

Before Barcelona I was never a runner.  I used to think runners were strange.  Didn't it get boring?  What was the point?  I don't know what changed, but at some point I fell in love with running in Barcelona.  I love the feeling you get when your breathing is perfectly controlled, you are focused, and after you're beyond tired, your runner's high kicks in.

My 1st 10K in Barcelona
Using Map My Run I created route after route, and I even got boyfriend to start running with me.  When he left in May to return to the DR, running and I became a pair.  Running became my boyfriend replacement.

Here in suburbia, I'm on a break with running.  I'm so unbelievably bored to have squirrels, ducks and homes as my scenery, as opposed to Barcelona's beautiful parks and waterfront.

Neon everywhere
In my new city, Santo Domingo, running and I will need to get to know one another all over again.  I'm worried that the heat and humidity will turn me off to it completely and that I won't cope well with the temps.

After stumbling through the www, here are some tips I've found [and will use] to avoid dying of heatstroke:

1) Give yourself 8-14 days to acclimatize to the hot weather.

2) Run before sunrise, the coolest time of the day.

3) Drink at least once every 2-3 miles. 

4) Slow down early to avoid a dramatic recovery from the heat.

5) Pour water on your head - up to 70% of your heat is lost here. 
No wonder all those old men always pour water all over themselves.  That will be me next week.

I'm determined to not stop running. 
How do you stay motivated in extreme temps? 


  1. I loooooove running! It feels so good...especially after you're all done, hahahaha!

    I don't do well running in extreme temps though. When I ran the half marathon there was a guy standing in his front yard hosing off all the runners as we went by and I remember wishing that somebody had done that for me every day on all my normal runs :)

  2. Great post Tia! Running is the best - I love the way it makes me feel, especially when ur done..not to mention it's such an awesome stress reliever!

  3. Congrats to you for working up the endurance to run like this. I ran cross country for a year and high school and it was grueling. I should have followed these steps then. I have been sticking to power walking in my neighborhood....definitely a plus for stress relief. Barcelona seems like one of the most beautiful places to enjoying running in.

  4. Your body can do much more than your mind thinks it can!!!