Sunday, August 7, 2011

Afternoon in the Chi

Today was a fabulous day.  

Jessie and I spent the afternoon downtown Chicago, walking and talking and meeting up with friends.  We walked past the new Marilyn Monroe statue, but with the amount of fanny pack tourists, it was hard to get a decent shot.

As we were walking by, a photographer asked us to pose for one of those Never Hide - Ray Ban photos.  So we put on pairs of Ray Bans, stood with our faces inside a Never Hide frame and stuck our tongues out..

I'm thinking we're going to become famous.

I miss Europe already, but in some ways, its awfully nice to be back in America.  I love that my grandma's cooking is only 30 minutes away, and the shopping..  I forgot about the plethora of options.  I even saw that TopShop is coming to Chicago.  Now, Chicago?  NOW you come?!..

I've been trying to find black lace shorts for weeks months, and I finally found a pair today!  I also bought some new leopard, sequined TOMS.

What do you think? Too much bling bling?
They do twinkle a tad bit.. 


  1. oh tia..only you would get leopard printed TOMS..whatever happened to the original in blue?? haha

  2. love everything about this post, not to mention our day!!! :)

  3. I miss the States. But when in the States miss Europe. Blah, we never win.

  4. I love whatever makes you happy... but you will always be in love with Europe ;) Besides, you're very stylish in your choices... I'm jealous about your granny's cooking though :(