Monday, August 1, 2011

Pim Pam Burger

After countless years of working at Whole Foods Market, reading books like Skinny Bitch and Eating Animals, and watching some pretty appalling documentaries, I've experimented with being a vegetarian a few times in the past.  As saddened as I feel for the animals that are treated inhumanely, and as disgusted as I feel about the way that most meat is processed, I still eat it.  Everyone is different but I know that my body needs lean protein from animal sources.  Besides, being a vegetarian in a Greek family?

Yeah.  Right.

When I do eat meat its usually chicken or fish.  And even though they may be few and far in between, I do have the occasional cravings for a succulent, juicy burger.  When this happens, Pim Pam Plats hits the spot.

Pim Pam Pollo {chicken burger}
Right around the corner from La Báscula {torturous mental decision every time}, Pim Pam is a stereotypical burger place; even the smell of it will linger in your clothes for a few hours.  If you prefer to not eat beef, the chicken burger is just as juicy, and a tad bit crispy on the outside.

What to Order:
-The smaller sized burger - trust me on this
-Add the Queso de Cabra (goat cheese) to your burger
-The fries are enough for two
-If you're going all out, order the Pim Pam Completa (includes cheese, bacon and fried egg)

Go hungry; you'll be full until the morning.


  1. I love this place... when we were thinking about going back for a visit this was one of the main motivators: a Pim Pam burger! Also seeing you of course ;)

    I love that you blog now xoxo