Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ethpañol to Epañol {Castellano to Caribeño Spanish}

When I visited A here in June, I could barely understand the dialect.  Moving from Spain's spanish to Caribbean spanish is like living in a new language - even basic words, like juice, change completely when crossing the Atlantic.  Slowly but surely I've tweaked my pronunciation: gracias [thank you] is no longer "grathias" and cinco [5] is no longer "thinco."

Last week I was talking about my dialect struggle to an American english teacher and she blurted out, "What accent?  They butcher the Spanish language here!"

--she said it, not me--

In order to help you understand what I mean, and to give castellano speakers a little chuckle, I've written below a few Dominican phrases, followed by the proper (full) spanish phrase.  Say them out loud and fast (because they talk excruciatingly fast) and you'll hear what I mean:

Ta to -->  Esta todo bien  [Its all good, fine]
A po ta bien --> A pues esta bien [its good, its fine] 
Mi amol --> Mi amor [my love - term of endearment]
Eh lo mimo --> Es lo mismo [its the same]
Conflé --> Cereales [derivative is Cornflakes, but used for cereal in general]

And my all-time favorite...
Ya tu sabes [you already know] - use this whenever you're having a conversation and you're too lazy to explain your point.  Use approximately once every 30 seconds of speech.

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  1. I can't believe you already forgot about the "c" when saying gracias! you are talking like me!!! :D

    Although all those words we don't say them, that's very Dominicano, mi niña ;)

    If we ever manage to skype, I'll be able to listen to your spanish!