Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Silom Spa

Last summer was by far the best time of my life.  With friends in from Chicago, meeting A, the feeling of accomplishment & freedom after completing an intensive MBA, lots of traveling, and the fact that it was summertime in Barcelona, how could it not be perfect?

I'll tell you how..  Having to complete a 10,000-25,000 word thesis during the sunny summer months while the beach and chiringuito bars full of icy sangria are calling your name.

Mia of GlocalGirl and I pounded out our thesis at the last minute and were looking for a new spa to relieve our last minute stress.  Luckily we found Silom Spa.  After my facial and her massage, we met in the lounge for our post-treatment detox tea just glowing, feeling balanced and relaxed.

For my birthday this year, A bought me a spa package that I could use at various spas in Spain.  I was on cloud nine when I saw that Silom was on the list.

After moving out, packing, unpacking and packing again [my suitcases might just bust open during the flight], today is the perfect day to use the gift.  This afternoon I'll be getting the Thai Massage at Silom Spa.  I can't wait!

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  1. Have a relaxing day!! You may be sad you're leaving but I am happy bc I get to seeee you :)