Sunday, August 7, 2011


Can I just say how great it is to be in a country with exceptional restaurant service?  In the States, being served ice cold water is taken for granted, where you have free refill after refill every time you take a sip.  I definitely wont miss paying for overpriced, lukewarm bottled water in European restaurants, where asking for ice seems to be a huge inconvenience.

Last night, Jessie, Carlos and I had dinner at one of my favorite Chicago restuarants - BANDERA.  BANDERA overlooks the Magnificent Mile and offers American southwestern cuisine.  It has a "casually sophisticated" atmosphere, with inviting black booths and live jazz music playing in the evenings.

Its famous for its rotisserie chicken [which I have yet to try because I'm too focused on my already-faves].  Served in a warm skillet, their signature cornbread is worth every calorie.  Its crumbly, buttery and sweet, even though you can see and taste the small pieces of onion and green pepper inside.

Corn Bread
Jessie ordered the seared sashimi tuna salad which was "phenom" - her words exactly.  Carlos had a beautiful black bean chili, with a heap of finely chopped colorful peppers and dollops of goat cheese on top.  He also had a side of their very rich and creamy mac & cheese with walnut cornbread crumbles {I'm sure I ate most of it}.  Attempting to balance out my cornbread consumption, I had the seasonal vegetable platter.  This picture does not do it justice.

Me & my veggies - c/o Carlos' iPhone
What to Order:
-Glass of Conundrum - a notable California white
-Cornbread skillet - need I say more?
-Grilled jumbo artichoke
-House-made oreo ice cream sandwiches

I promise you won't be disappointed. 


  1. Loved this dinner. :0) Wish we could do it every day.

  2. There's a Bandera's in Sacramento and in my family on your birthday you get to pick the restaurant... NO ONE in my fam appreciates Bandera's so I only get to go once a year. On my birthday.

    Love this place and ESPECIALLY their mashed potatoes. Yum.