Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day Before The Storm

Today was a lazy Sunday.  

Our plans for the beach fell through, so we spent the afternoon in the hot tub with champagne, take out, and waterproof Uno.  It wasn't a good picture day for me, and it didn't help that A beat me at Uno. 

{farmers tan}
{ready to battle}
The weather was great all day with very little rain and a nice island breeze in the evening..  Probably because Tropical Storm Irene is supposed to reach the DR tomorrow - even classes have been cancelled in Santo Domingo.  I find it amusing how here they have hurricane days, instead of the snow days that I grew up with.  Is it bad that I'm a little bit excited to witness my first tropical storm?


  1. Champagne and takeout? In a hot tub? Umm can I come over?

  2. Hot tubs and champagne...oh yes please!! Seriously sounds divine:) That's pretty fun about storm days instead of snow days...stay dry in case Irene comes:)

  3. Sometimes it's good just to have a nice relaxing day...especially when there's a hot tub involved!

    Ps - Just found your blog and loving it!

  4. Looks like he had a good day at the tub. Being in a island is a pleasure. Hope u guys enjoying :)