Tuesday, August 2, 2011


For the past six months I've listened to employees whine, grumble, complain, argue and yell on the phone and via email.  Since when did Human Resources become the outlet to vent every life issue?

After talking to unhappy people all day long, it becomes difficult to stay calm and not let the downers get to you.  But instead of reaching the boiling point where you just blurt out "I DON'T GIVE A [fill in word of your choice] ANYMORE", these girls made me realize that you really

shouldn't let it get to you.

They taught me that you should never take work (and life) too seriously, to not sweat the small stuff, and that a good laugh over something stupid (our very own in-office Shrek horse) can really go a long way.

Harassing the window washers

Jigsawing at 3 AM
So you guyyyyyys, thanks for being silly and getting me through the worst of days with your delicious treats, bihourly emails and long train commutes full of girl talk.  I wouldn't have lasted a week without you in Cerdanyola.  Think of me when you order the kebab potato "spud" at the [insert thick American accent here] MALL across the street.  I will miss you loads.

Tia Rex


  1. Sounds like you have amazing people around you, that is really cool.

  2. This post has become a permanent tab in my internet browser. Thank you. It was exactly what I needed to read when I woke up. I will really miss you. Jump into the pool and don’t be scared! I adore the pressies, muchas gracias! Lots of love, my dear friend <3

  3. Sounds like my job all the way...except I deal with grumbling teachers and angry parents as it is a High School. My several close coworkers always keep things light hearted with singing, dancing, and silly things when things gets tense. I would love to hear the thick American accent...that made me laugh. There's all kinds of crazy back woods ones floating around where I live:) Anyways, lovely post and lovely blog. x Marisa