Thursday, August 4, 2011

R&R at the Airport

When I checked in today I asked the girl if there were any little villages worth visiting close to the airport, since I saw Munich last year and didn't have the energy for a big city.  She blurted out, "Ha!  NO" as if we were in the middle of the desert or somewhere crazy.  I knew she was wrong, because Bavaria is full of charming little towns, but since I've been exhausted today I decided to spend the afternoon in the hotel, The Kempinski Hotel Airport Munich.
Vegas or Munich?

Flowers Everywhere

I soaked in the jacuzzi, spent too much time in the steam room and watched (german) Keeping Up with the Kardashians in a comfy robe and slippers. 

In the end the travel delay turned out to be a good thing.  So thank you, broken Lufthansa plane, for the relaxing afternoon and free stay.

{Suitcases Everywhere}
Now I'm off to bed to wake up for my early flight in the morning.  
Guten Nacht. 


  1. tiastersss come back already..I bbmed you but there was no "R" which means you are probably en route. Love the shirt!!

  2. My God so much stuff! How did you manage to carry all that :) Yeah, nice work Lufthansa, does not look bad at all. Guapa!