Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pinterest Home Inspiration for the Non-Crafty Girl

Since we've moved into our new apartment I seem to be spending every free minute in the Home & Decor category on Pinterest.  Whats surprising is that 

I've actually been doing home decor projects!  

This is so unlike me!  I've always considered myself to be the polar opposite of creative, even in middle school the thought of art class stressed me out!  

Since finishing the chevron wall, DIY seems to be my new hobby.  So I thought I'd share 2 mini projects from this past week, because if I can do them, anyone can. 

Instagram Canvas

I followed this tutorial and the hardest part was making it to the printing place to print 3 x 3 photos.  If I could do it over?  I'd probably print smaller pictures to leave a white border between each one.    

Glitter Vase

Inspired from this pin, all I did was open a mason jar, brush Mod Podge inside, pour glitter inside, close lid, and shake.  Fill with some fake flowers and you have yourself a fancy shmancy vase to add color to a plain shelf.

Upcoming projects I cant wait to start: 
Now I just need to pick myself out a quote.  Know any good ones?

Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Very Ugly Anniversary Dinner

Last week we celebrated my 1 year anniversary of living in the DR (a whole YEAR! whoa..) by having a very Dominican dinner of mofongo.  What is mofongo, you ask?  Its a very ugly food.  See picture below.

Imagine: a very dry clump of garlicky mashed potatoes, infused with pork rinds and yucca..  Yeah, its pretty gross.  It is served with broth, because if you ate it plain I'm sure it would be too dry to go down your throat.  Its definitely not my cup of tea, but since many love mofongo I was curious to see if I would like it more after a year of living in the jungle DR.  

Instead of ordering the typical pork kind, I had the "mini mofongo" with platano maduro (sweet plantains) and chicken.  Despite what it looks like, it turned out to be pretty delicious and went down like a piece of cake.  Its definitely an acquired tasted, but a must try among Dominican foods.   

Happy Dominican-versary to me! :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Creating a Brighter Living Space + Chevron

Its been a looong blogging break!  I've been busy pouring 2,048,594% of my energy into apartment remodeling, price analyzing, and purchasing!  And its been quite the challenge to convert our long and narrow living room/dining room/kitchen into a more open and brighter space..

Many said that our dark wood was the "modern" look, but I hated it!  Since when is a dark closed space {the kitchen} modern?!  So we painted all of the wood in our apartment.  All of the doors are now a matte black, and the kitchen is completely white, giving it a cleaner and roomier look.

Excuse the mess and the horrible lighting!

I once read that when a room is long, you should create a focal point and draw attention to one of the side walls as opposed to the long end walls of the room (this would make sense, duh).  I've been loving all the chevron on Pinterest these days, so I thought it would be the perfect way to add brightness to the dining area, especially since our table and walls were white!

I followed these DIY instructions and definitely overcomplicated the measurements, but in the end it all worked out.  I plan on putting tall flowers in the center of the table, but I still cant decide whether to hang anything on the chevron wall or leave it blank?!  Thoughts?  

How do you feel about chevron?  
I hope its not too "trendy" so that we don't have to repaint in 6 months!