Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pinterest Home Inspiration for the Non-Crafty Girl

Since we've moved into our new apartment I seem to be spending every free minute in the Home & Decor category on Pinterest.  Whats surprising is that 

I've actually been doing home decor projects!  

This is so unlike me!  I've always considered myself to be the polar opposite of creative, even in middle school the thought of art class stressed me out!  

Since finishing the chevron wall, DIY seems to be my new hobby.  So I thought I'd share 2 mini projects from this past week, because if I can do them, anyone can. 

Instagram Canvas

I followed this tutorial and the hardest part was making it to the printing place to print 3 x 3 photos.  If I could do it over?  I'd probably print smaller pictures to leave a white border between each one.    

Glitter Vase

Inspired from this pin, all I did was open a mason jar, brush Mod Podge inside, pour glitter inside, close lid, and shake.  Fill with some fake flowers and you have yourself a fancy shmancy vase to add color to a plain shelf.

Upcoming projects I cant wait to start: 
Now I just need to pick myself out a quote.  Know any good ones?


  1. Love these Tia! I saw your vase on instagram and was inspired to fancy up a couple of my own mason jars. I actually bought glass paint for them today :) Really looking forward to seeing how your curtains turn on. That is one thing i have never attempted!

  2. You've been busy :) I haven't done any DIY in ages, unless cooking counts ;) I'm really excited to see the painted curtains (I got the link to open but the website took forever to load!)

  3. pinterest has me wanting to diy everything!