Saturday, August 20, 2011

Food for Las Mega Divas

That is what it said next to me while I was eating lunch at Barriga Llena [translation: full belly].  Barriga Llena is a fast food place ('fast' for island time) serving mostly burgers and sandwiches.  The main wall is covered with phrases like, "Food for la suegra" [mother in law], "Food for flacos" [skinny people], "Food for barberos" [barbers], etc..  Most of our mealtime consisted of me asking: "What does [this word] mean?  What does [this word] mean?"  I bet there are enough words for a complete Dominican language.

Words I learned (not necessarily 'Dominican')
Cocolo: somebody that wears baggy clothes and imitates black culture
Jevito: a pijo person; stuck up
Bachatero: Bachata lover
Tumba polvo: a suck-up (think teacher's pet)

Boyfriend had a bunless burger with a blue cheese and mushroom sauce (delicious).  I had yarao, a dish from the city of Santiago De Los Caballeros that is slowly gaining popularity around the country.  Its basically a slop of Dominican food staples.  My yaroa had platano maduro on the bottom {personal favorite}, shredded chicken, fries, peppers, and lots of melted cheese.

yummy yaroa
I left with some new vocab and a barriga llena - I'd say it was a successful lunch.