Wednesday, August 3, 2011

La Fianna

As tonight is my last night in Barcelona, its only fitting that my friends and I have drinks at La Fianna, my favorite bar in the Borne district.  Its website describes itself as "seductive" and "funky" and with the cave-like interior and what my grandma calls beds in the corner, I think yaya would concur.

Their strawberry mojitos are divine with lots of fresh crushed strawberries, mint, and just the right amount of sugar.  Boyfriend says he feels like he's chewing on grass with the huge chunks of mint inside, but I say they're perfect.  They may be a little expensive for mojitos, but one is enough to do the trick - and if you're like yaya you are more than buzzed after 5 sips.

{non-strawberry} mojito night

What to Order:
-Strawberry mojito {unless you have food texture issues}
-Nachos {the best I've had in Barcelona}

The bar is hidden on a narrow street close to the Picasso Museum; so
good luck finding it. 


  1. my favorite! :( I still crave one allll the time. Wish we could make those for out DIY project lol

  2. I definitely wish I would've seen this while we were in Barcelona! I do love me a good mojito :)