Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Espresso Nails

Boyfriend and I sit down to have lunch today after work.  He says:

"You look like a car mechanic, go wash your hands." 

Um thanks.  

Its been only two days working around coffee and I'm already in desperate, desperate need of a good manicure.  Who knew that espresso likes to lurk underneath short nails?  I'm considering just covering them completely in glitter to hide the brown tips.  I think their flashyness would also distract from the clumsy burns I'm going to get from the milk heater-upper wand.  Double plus

Are glitter nails too much?   


  1. You're funny!! I never congratulated you on the new job.... CONGRATS! I love reading your adventures

  2. depends on the occasion :)


  3. Why don't you use this color? http://www.sonidlo.com/2010/11/essie-little-brown-dress.html

    It will make you feel like you are in autumm, even when you are not! hahaha. I think it's a sexy color as well and no one will see your brown tips! hehehe. You could also use that one on top...send a pic if you try it!

    Send me a message telling me about your first two days!!! Un besito mi niña!!