Thursday, October 20, 2011


I miss Barcelona.

La Pedrera

Sunday walk

I miss the perfect weather and dressing for different seasons.  I miss life without mosquito bites.  I miss my friends and my roommates - even PokerFace.  I miss my salary in Euros and having disposable income to spend on travel.  And on shopping - I miss affordable Zara.  I miss low cost airlines.  I miss free health insurance and cheap groceries.  I miss spending the evenings with a glass of wine on my balcony.  I miss Ciutadella park.  I miss walking everywhere and being in shape.  I miss having a gym.  I miss living in a city where I always felt safe.  I miss running on the beach.  I miss al fresco dining.  I miss the strawberry mojitos at La Fianna and the pink cava at La Xampa.  I miss laughing really hard on a daily basis with my British & Irish colleagues (even if it was about my American accent half the time).  I miss 38 hour work weeks and working only 5 days a week.  I miss the European lifestyle where its not all work and no play.  I miss high speed Internet and not having to worry about electricity and water shortages.  I miss tapas portions and Spanish food.  I miss castellano spanish.  I miss living in a place where its not "all about appearances" and where you're not constantly judged by what you're wearing and your social class.  

Late night tapas


I miss Barcelona. 


  1. those images are just so beautiful. i need to visit barcelona immediately!
    xo TJ

  2. tiasters gurnee, il is your home..dont you miss that? lol

  3. .... and someday you'll miss the DR. We are lucky to have lived in such a magical place... someday we'll go back and visit together!

    miss you and love you