Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Favorite Thing Out of Taiwan

Last week I interviewed a girl that had worked at a small Taiwanese cafe in Santo Domingo.  When she said that it served bubble tea I almost jumped for joy and immediately began my hunt to find the small, signless, "hole in the wall" eatery, located on a well-known street in the city.  Since then, boyfriend and I have driven up and down this street on 3 separate occasions.  You would think that with an address and clear directions [50 feet past Baskin Robbins] it would be easy to find, but no.  Nothing is that easy here!

On our 2nd attempt to find it, we drove past an Asian supermarket, so I went in and asked the nice old lady if they made bubble tea.  I first tried with "bubble tea" and then "tea" and then "cold" and then "prepared", but our communication failed and I was given green tea in a box and cold Nestea.  

Our 3rd attempt was last night, and by this time I think boyfriend was so tired of driving to the same place that he asked me if I wanted to drive, leading to my first driving experience in the DR.  My first driving experience in a country that does not abide by traffic laws, where there is no proper lane usage, and where Stop signs don't mean squat.  As I am the perfect driver I was confident that there wouldn't be an issue.

Within 5 minutes of driving I sped past a street (I knew that oncoming cars wouldn't be stopping for me) and drove right into the biggest pothole/mini ditch I've ever seen in the middle of a street!  It left a huge scratch on the front bumper of A's car, but I've convinced him that it will go away with a little car wash.  I guess we'll soon find out.

I'm still day dreaming about bubble tea.  There's just something I love about those large tapioca pearls that are so graciously slurped up through the fat straw..  I just can't take my mind off of it.  I may be willing to take extreme measures to find bubble tea, but its just so good - I can't be the only one.


  1. awe bubble tea..makes me think of argo tea :(

  2. I have never tried, seen, heard this but now i'm curious!!!

  3. Now I'm laughing bc I always call it "bubba tea" haha. Good luck on your quest for bubba!!!