Wednesday, October 26, 2011

10 Things I ♥ about the DR - Part 2

Here goes Part 2..

6.  The beach.  I mean just look at it.

Juan Dolio beach
7.  Living close to family.  In Barcelona we were both continents away from home, but here its nice to have a place to visit, home cooked meals, and big hugs from A's 9 year old nephew when I walk in the door.

Alan & Cindy
8.  Coconut water.  How many people I know can drink water straight out of a coconut on a relatively normal basis, or pick it up from the supermarket as easy as a diet Coke?

9.  $2 manicures and under $3 pedicures.  I admit its awkward without the fancy pedicure chair (propping my limbs up on some lady's lap and all), but I bring my own Essie polish and pretend its professional.  My newest addition is the color in the middle:

10.  Knowing that there is still so much left to explore.  I can't wait to spend a weekend in Punta Cana, and visit the "spring" in Jarabacoa.

Its so much easier for me to complain about the daily inconveniences I have, rather than think about the positive in my life.  Living in a developing country is definitely not all sunshine, but I have to remember that there is always a little sunshine in every day.



  1. there are so much about this that i love..especially the beach & coconut water

  2. I love everything about this post! Especially that quote: "My favourite thing is to go where I have never been" :D

    You should focus on all the things you have around you!! This is a life changing experience and is going to determine the way you see life and appreciate things. You just don't know it yet...I admire your strength. Keep it going!! XOXO