Sunday, October 2, 2011

Late Afternoon Snack

I Don't Know What's Best:

1.  The fact that mangos are one of the cheapest fruits to buy here.

2.  Boyfriend's professional mango cut.

3.  Watching boyfriend eat with a huge chunk of mango hanging off the side of his cheek and him having no idea why I'm staring.

{My fingers don't normally look this wrinkly}
Hope you've had a marvelous Sunday.  Hello, October!


  1. sigh..i love mangos! That is a very professionally cut mango..good job bruno

  2. That mango looks amazing, that's so cool.

  3. Oh wow...I wish mangos were the cheapest fruit to buy here. I would be eating them every day if so. That mango cut is beautiful....and looks delicious as well:)