Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Have you seen this video?  It makes me want an iPhone 4S so terribly bad.  

This afternoon I took my friend Jessica in Spain on a Skype tour of my apartment, and was able to ever-so-proudly recite to her my poem full of rolling R's in Spanish.  I also tweeted at my friend Mia in the Netherlands and I emailed with my godmother in California, all within the same hour.

Today I'm grateful for technology.  I love being able to stay in touch no matter how far away I am in the world, because its the little things - like laughing at my new Dominican words over video chat - that make all the difference on a mundane Wednesday afternoon.



  1. Yeah it definitely looks amazing. I just got the four about 5 months this comes out and of course I want the newer model. Haha, oh well, I'm absolutely loving the 4 though and it does make life much easier:) So sad about Steve Jobs:(

  2. I also thank technology so much!!! It gives me the chance to tak to you as you were here!!! I really miss you!!! You have no idea...Next time you gotta show me more words and we'll speak in Spanish!!! I can't wait to hear you speaking with your Dominican accent!! hehehe.

  3. When do I get a skype tour of your apartment?!