Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy 12th Birthday, Mom

{Great Hair..}

I've been feeling uninspired lately and haven't written very often, but that is no excuse for this post being long overdue.  My mom's birthday was last week; I think she turned 12.

{"Take my picture!" at the airport..}
She was always the "cool" mom growing up.  Oftentimes I think I'm older than she is - she's the kid who won't eat breakfast, only to eat 2 Mounds bars at 2 PM, or go to a restaurant and order a plate of plain spaghetti noodles with butter as her sauce. 

{Barefoot on the streets of Miami..}
When I was young, there was lots of eye rolling when my friends said how much they liked my mom.  The older I become, I realize that she isn't so bad after all.  I never thought I'd be saying this, but I'm becoming more like her in more ways than one.  I'll never admit all of them (I still have to roll my eyes if she tells me I'm just like her), but I will admit that I'm starting to dress more like my mother - yes uncle Tommy, I said it, and that I can never wait to get home to ask her which funky, gaudy rings she'll let me borrow until she sees me next.

{Us at South Beach}
So to my sometimes embarrassing, funny, stylish (except for when she doesn't wash her hair for a week), beautiful mother, happy birthday.  You've taught me that you're never too old to laugh at bad, inappropriate jokes, and that life is too short to not eat chocolate, because a diet can always start next Monday.

Happy Birthday, Mom.


  1. Happy Birthday to your momma! Loved this post.

  2. Tia my eyes are watery from this - what a beautiful, beautiful post. You know I think the WORLD of your mom and it's really nice to see that you're starting to realize how amazing (And hilarious) she is! haha

  3. Loved this post!! A mom will always be a mom and no one else can replace that role!! I'm glad to see you are being less mean to her!! hehehe. Loved the pic of you and her when you were a little girl!!! So cute!