Monday, October 10, 2011

Boca Chica

Yesterday, boyfriend and I made it to Boca Chica beach.  Although we only live 3 miles from the water, Boca Chica is the closest beach at 30 minutes away with a fast driver.  Its quite the change from Juan Dolio, as this one is filled with hotels, restaurants, bars, and thousands of umbrellas.  Here, you always hear music playing and are constantly asked if you want to buy fresh fruit, a massage, or ceviche out of a fisherman's bucket. 

Crystal clear water, c/o A's iPhone
The sand isn't as powder white as it is at the beaches throughout the rest of the country, but the water is perfect for a leisurely dip.  Its one of those beaches that doesn't have waves; one where you can walk a mile out from the shore and still be standing in waste deep water.  

Slurp, slurp
Of course, I gave in and paid a dollar to drink coconut water.  I then attacked the inside of the fleshy coconut to try and dig out its meat, but my plastic straw wasn't the best tool.  I desperately wanted to bring it home and slash it open to eat the rest, but boyfriend is a little overprotective of his new knives. 


  1. That beach looks amazing, I would love to live next to the water, maybe one day...

  2. haha when I was in Mexico, they had the same coconuts that the workers had to use a machete to cut down. That water inside was AMAZING (tastes nothing like the coconut water you buy at grocery stores) and I used the straw to also try and get the white stuff out as well lol

  3. Oh my gosh, I am so jealous right now...I wish I was at a beach in the warm weather sipping coconut water. This really sounds like quite a perfect place. I most definitely wouldn't mind living there:)