Sunday, October 23, 2011

So Not a Softy

Growing up I always thought my dad was a total softy as a manager.  I always told him that he needed to fire everyone and find better employees.  But now that I'm a manager, I realize its much easier said then done.

Giving a written warning and taking away daily incentives from my coworkers was uncomfortable to say the least.  Very soon, I will need to fire someone.  Someone I work side by side with 6 days a week.  Someone who I've gotten to know and someone who I like as a person, just not as an employee.

Its especially hard to let them go knowing that it will be difficult for them to find their next job.  I'm kind of terrified of doing it - and in Spanish!  Do I even know the words for that?  Ha!  

I think as a woman, its harder to earn respect in the workplace as theres such a fine line between "pushover" and "psycho boss lady".  How can you be strict but maintain a friendly and fun work environment?  I think I'm learning that strict comes first, and friendly needs to come later.  I don't know..  

How do you find the balance?  
Advice please! 

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  1. oh gosh tiasters I dont know how I would do that!! Poor you!! Best of luck!!

  2. I like this post.. More power to ya Miss Tia. Good luck with the firing. Hey, it happens, so people have to give their best at work these days! (I hope your coworker doesn't read your blog and see this coming, ha)