Tuesday, July 19, 2011

La Xampañeria

I only have 2 weeks left in Barcelona and so I've been feeling a wee bit sentimental.  Looking back through pictures of the last 2 years, I realize how many memories I have at La Xampa.  I will especially never forget the time my friends and I went for a late cava lunch right before giving a class presentation - it definitely helped calm the nerves.

Fall 2009
Before Class - Not such a good idea
Summer 2010
This place is a dive.  There are huge legs of jamon hanging on hooks from the ceiling (I hear they fall from time to time) and as for the trash, you throw it on the floor.

The menu is in Catalan, but the options are pretty standard: bratwurst, chicken, sausage, burgers, manchego cheese..  You are allowed to buy one delicious, ice cold bottle of cava per every 2 food items (a burger and plate of cheese would be enough).  A bottle of cava is around 4.  You can buy bottles [I prefer cases] in the little store at the back for half of the price.  It sounds too cheap to be delicious, but this cava is the best I've ever had.  The Rosat cava is my favorite - its a bit sweet.

The place is always packed, and they stop serving bottles at 5 PM, so make sure you plan your visit during an off-time or be prepared to fight your way to the front for your order to be taken.  Also, the cava goes down very fast.  Don't plan on doing much after lunch.

What To Order:
Eat: Ternera con Queso, Pollo con Pimiento ("healthier" option)
Drink: Cava Rosado

Don't forget: order PINK cava!


  1. my favorite!! i miss the cava. Every restaurant I go here I order cava but it's nowhere close to the one at La Xampañeria

  2. I will try to bring a bottle home for us! :D

  3. I loved this post! Such good memories...