Saturday, July 23, 2011

La Báscula

At lunchtime yesterday, hungry PokerFace [my roommate] says to me,

"Tia, take me somewhere that will remind me of the States."  

So I took him to La Báscula, my favorite vegetarian restaurant in El Borne.  Organic eateries aren't very common in Spain, making La Báscula look like a trendy urban bistro straight out of health-obsessed America.

PokerFace ready to eat

A former chocolate factory, La Báscula has turned into a savory cafe with a funky decor.  Wooden chairs hang from the ceiling, and wooden doors are used as table tops. 


The cafe has an extensive menu, but mostly serves sandwiches, salads, crepes, smoothies, and homemade sweets.

PokerFace had a piping hot eggplant dish with salad and rice.  I had a warm pita sandwich stuffed with cooked spinach, brie, sun dried tomato and shredded carrot.  Yummy.      

Try the quiche made with pumpkin; its my favorite. 


  1. Also, is it strange that i feel like vegetarian just wouldn't cut it for me?