Friday, July 29, 2011

Observations: London

So it didn't rain, and.. 

I absolutely most definitely fell in love with London.

-The tube is freakishly far underground but is cozy with cushiony seats - who knew that public transportation could be so comfortable?

-Al Fresco dining happens even if it might be chilly & grey.  The center is full of charming little streets with terraces.

-I'm used to colorful money living off the euro, but the pound..  Still looks like princess money to me.

-The city has amazing shopping.  I discovered Dorothy Perkins and spent a good portion of Tuesday afternoon on the hunt for a specific gold blouse.  Five Dorothy Perkins later, I found it.  Yesss.

-The TopShop on Oxford Street deserves its own postal code.  Enough said.

-"Youth" Hostels don't really mean youth hostels.  The 45 year old man sharing my room woke up at 7 each morning and ruffled through 6 different plastic shopping bags.  I would've preferred the snoring of a second young, drunk Australian than to hear about his Cambridge folk festival.

If the weather and salaries weren't crap, I would live in London in a heartbeat.  
And as for the food..  Well, that deserves its own post. 


  1. omg I looove the clothes on that site! Such cute dresses.

  2. it only costs 4 pounds to ship to the US! check out their accessories..

  3. And to Spain?? I love your post. It makes me want to go to London so bad now!!!