Friday, July 22, 2011

The Post

This morning I checked my snail mailbox for the first time in a whole month.  Surprise, surprise, nothing exciting, just old bank statements and letters for someone I've never met the garbage can.

I wish that we didn't depend so much on email these days, because I love getting letters & packages in the post.  In May, my friend Anna and I traveled to Sardinia for a weekend away.  Each mailbox in Sardinia was unique; I think if I had one I would mail letters every day.


I'm going to finally organize my address book with real addresses.  
Friends and family, send me your post address and I promise to send you a postcard from my next trip! 


  1. A while back I had a post about postcard and hand written letters, How I miss them.

    I think you blog is really interesting. Do you want to follow each other, I would love that.


  2. Hi Tereza,
    Already following you :) Love your fashion posts and the heart cut out dresses!


  3. getting real mail is definitely the best, online shopping always boosts the fun things I get in the mail.

  4. That is true, problem solved! I think I'll renew some old magazine subscriptions.