Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tasting London

Can I just say again that I love London?  And if you like good food, you love it too.

I love that natural and sustainable cafes like PRET and LEON are everywhere, making healthy eating on the go so easy.  At LEON, every item on the menu says whether its gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, etc.  At LEON I had a large salad with grilled chicken, a side of flatbread, a lemonade, and a chocolate mousse all for £11.  And who said London had to be pricey?

I mentioned [here] that I wanted to eat at a Jamie Oliver restaurant.  After the long walk from Camden Town, I did make it to Fifteen in the end.

Fifteen is part of the Jamie Oliver Foundation and has an admirable apprenticeship program for unemployed young people.  Unfortunately, I wasn't impressed.  The server didn't have a clue about the wine menu, and although the food was sophisticated and beautifully presented, it certainly did not meet my expectations.  Oh well, at least my money went to charity.

What to Order: 
The basil pannacotta with balsamic infused strawberries and biscotti [aka basil flavored pudding].  I would eat at Fifteen again just to have this silky yumminess as my starter, main course, and dessert.

Olive madness
Overall, the best food in London can be found in the markets.  Its at these places that you can find a great variety of cuisines all in one place.  At the Covent Garden market I had almond-stuffed green olives for the first time.  Boyfriend says that they're common in the DR.  I'm thinking they may become a new favorite food of mine over the next few months.

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