Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Pink Peony

One of the things I always miss most about America is the abundance of cheap nail salons.  A pedicure at $25 is definitely an affordable indulgence.  The first time I went for a pedicure in my neighborhood here, the lady sat me down in a La-Z-Boy recliner from 1990, handed me a smelly pillow, and brought out a wooden bucket lined with a black garbage bag filled with water.  No joke.  This wasn't the only time I had a pedicure in a bucket in Barcelona.  It continued to happen until the day God answered our prayers: Mia and I discovered The Pink Peony on Passeo de Gracia (the Champs Elysees of Barcelona).

The Pink Peony is in a beautiful remodeled apartment building with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city's most centric street.  The staff speaks English incase you don't know español, and the salon uses quality products like Dr. Hauschka.  You can choose between Essie and OPI nail polish and they are always bringing in the newest color collections.

On Sunday I chose Pretty Edgy for my nails and I'm not sure how I feel about that decision.  Boyfriend made it clear over Skype that he's not really a fan, either. But my nails still look lovely. 

If you are getting your nails done in Barcelona, DO NOT TRUST ANYONE.  
Go here or get the wooden bucket treatment. 

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