Monday, July 25, 2011


My dad turns 51 today.   

Baba is one of the hardest working men you'll ever meet, and is always willing to do whatever he can for my brother and I.  Whether that be taking me to Europe to look at universities, driving my brother a dozen hours away for football soccer games at dawn, or just running out to the grocery store to cook us eggs on a Sunday morning, he'll do anything to make us happy.  Even though I complain [every time] about the 2 cups of olive oil he uses to cook each egg, he makes the best sunny-side-up eggs in the world.  

In some ways I'm just like him.  And although we may not always get along, I will always admire his energy, great taste, and the success he's created for himself since immigrating to the States as a 20 year old kid.  

Happy Birthday, Baba.  Thanks for everything you do.  I love you. 


  1. This makes me smile. You need to have your dad read this.

  2. Happy Birthday to your dad!!

  3. I can't believe you wrote that. I could cry right now....coming from you, if your dad reads that, he will cry too...So cute!!! Feliz Cumpleaños a tu padre!!!

  4. Tear :*) This is so sweet Tia!