Friday, April 12, 2013

Tomorrow I Become His Mrs / How We Met

In June 2010 I was finishing up an MBA degree in Barcelona, Spain and was ready to spend the summer months working on my thesis drinking strawberry mojitos with my friends and exploring Europe.  I had zero intention of meeting a boy, since probability would give me a Spanish boy and since I hadn't found a job at that point, I didn't plan to stay there much longer.  

Of course, love comes when and where you least expect to find it.  For us, it was at the Gay Pride parade.  Yes, thats right, GAY PRIDE!  I wonder how many hetero couples have met at such an event?!  When he found out that I did in fact like boys and not girls, we quickly fell in love, and when he couldn't extend his Euro visa any longer, I followed him back to the Dominican Republic, even though we hadn't been dating for long.  

The Day We Met
I remember packing up my Spanish life into two suitcases and wondering if I was crazy, risking everything for love.  My friends told me that even if it didn't work out, at least I would have a great story to tell.  HA!  That makes me smile now, because it definitely worked out.  I can't imagine my life working out any differently than it has now. 

My parents, brother, and grandma fly in tonight and tomorrow night A & I are tying the knot.  Eeeek!  The next time you hear from me, I will be Mrs. A!

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  1. Such a cute story!! :) And congrats on the wedding in advance, I'm sure it will be so special!

  2. Love this story. Sometimes taking a risk is well worth it in the end. Congratulations! Can't wait to see a bunch of photos... if you'd be so kind to share them with your blog friends. ;)

  3. Amaaaazing! Congrats!!! Enjoy every second, because the wedding goes by so quickly.

  4. My darling congratulations! I hope it was a magical day!