Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Travel Tuesdays: Bayaguana, DR

Bayaguana is a region in the middle of the Dominican Republic, only about an hour out from Santo Domingo.  There is no major city there, just a little town, a river, plenty of greenery, and lots of farms.  Most homes in the area are made of wood and have tin roofs; I always wonder how they successfully survive the tropical storms each fall! 

Recently, more and more eco resorts have been popping up in the area, and A's mom is in love with the idea of turning her finca {farm} there into an eco-resort or day trip package for DR tourists.  A whole day could be spent just walking around, visiting the animals, and learning eating the local fruits.  We spent the day at the finca on Sunday {one of my favorite DR places}, and here are a few shots that A snapped.

{They looked almost neon in person and wobbled so much!}

{Tamarinds and a Coconut}

{Only 8 days old}

{My Sunday Swim}
There is a river that runs through their farm, and A's mom is dreaming of building a terrace cafe overlooking the river.  With the exception of grains, all food could be supplied from the farm itself; the idea of making it a Slow Food getaway has been running through my head..  Would you visit, eat, and swim? 

Helene in Between


  1. Looks like a great place! I love all the animals!

  2. I kept seeing your instagrams on this and thought it looked amazing!! Neat place!

  3. wow this is so cool! looks like an amazing place!

  4. How beautiful! I think I need to come visit! ;-)

  5. I know you post is about 6 yrs old but i'd have questions about Bayaguana, or Monte Plata.

    Can we contact in private?