Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Our {Surprise} Wedding: Ceremony

A & I got married last Saturday!


I didn't post many details leading up to it, because, well, I didn't really know what to expect!  A & I had planned to have a simple civil ceremony, with just our immediate families.  We decided to have the judge marry us at his family's home, and I wasn't even going to wear the wedding dress that I had bought a few days after our engagement; I bought a simple white dress instead.  


It wasn't until sometime this month that A's mom convinced me to wear my dress, and it wasn't until last week that we found out that his parents would be throwing us a formal wedding/fiesta/party!  His mom and sisters took care of all the details and worked with their wedding planner friend, who I met with on Thursday afternoon (2 days before the event).  She told me to send her some of my Pinterest pins via email that night, and that she would do as much as she could!  #stressfreebride

Rather than 15 people in attendance, we had 45!  Everything took place in the backyard, and I really didn't see what anything looked like until I was actually walking down the aisle with my dad.  It was such a surprise!  The aisle was covered in pink rose petals and there were lit candles everywhere;  a perfectly romantic setting. 

The judge began the ceremony and spoke for awhile and then passed the microphone to A's mom so that she could read a few passages from the Bible.  Since our ceremony was entirely in Spanish, one of his sisters then read a few passages in English, so that my family could understand.  Included was 1st Corinthian's Love is Patient, Love is Kind.. which I loved. 

What happened next was the biggest wedding bloopers moment of the night!  The judge had us exchange rings and asked if there was anything we would like to say to one another {the vow exchange}.  When I had asked A weeks before if we were going to write vows he shook his head and told me that they only did that in the movies, haha..  But when the judge passed him the microphone on Saturday night he began to recite {he says they were improvised} vows!!

I had NOTHING planned, and when they passed me the microphone I froze!  Someone shouted out, "Say them in English" but in that moment I couldn't even form a sentence!  Thankfully, one of my bridesmaids/witnesses was standing next to A and saved the day!  She said something and I repeated it, and we all laughed!  It was a had-to-be-there moment. :) 


  1. This is so lovely and what a nice surprise that his family did for you guys! So glad that it all worked out and you guys look beautiful!

  2. Awww, beautiful! A great surprise and wonderful decorations. I love the venue and the flower petals all over the ground. Congrats. :)

  3. How wonderful!!! I'm so glad you got to have a wonderful wedding! It looks like it was gorgeous! :-)

  4. Congratulations!! Looks like such a lovely wedding!

  5. This has to be the most beautiful last minute wedding ever!!!!!!! I have goosebumps! You made a gorgeous bride and what a handsome husband. We had a lot of bloopers at our wedding too.

  6. the venue looked super cute!! well done, lady for having it be so last minute!!