Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I'm Engaged!!

I have been engaged for 15 days!  Here's the story: 

In mid December, then-boyfriend called my parents and told them of us his plan to propose to me.  He asked them whether he should propose with his family, with my family, or alone just the two us..  What a gentleman..  They told him it was up to him!

Blurry Us on Christmas Eve
I had been picking up on hints of it coming soon, so Christmas I was prepared.  New manicure, new dress, hair that was blown dry (it has only happened about 3 times while living in the DR), the works.  The big celebration came on Christmas eve, and nothing.  No sign of a ring.  Christmas day, we had a fancy dinner on the beach, just the two of us, and nothing.  No signs, only crickets.

My great Aunt Costi, me, my mom on NYE
We spent New Years with my parents in Orlando, Florida.  My great aunt came up from central Florida to spend NYE with us at Fulton's Crab House in Downtown Disney.  Before heading out that night we cut our annual Greek bread that she made, which has a hidden coin inside.  Tradition says that the person who finds the coin in their slice will have good luck in the coming year.  As my aunt Costi was cutting into my slice, the coin appeared!  (75% in my slice, 25% in my mom's, but my mom would tell you it was 50/50.)  

I took it as a sign, but didn't tell anyone..  ;)

We made it to the restaurant {note: if you have dinner reservations at Disney on NYE, arrive eeeeearly to find parking!}.  We had a few appetizers and for our main, A & I shared the biggest lobsters and crab legs I had ever seen.

He was acting waaay too normal, so I thought it was a no-go, yet again.  Little did I know that he was plotting the proposal.  He was going to do it in the restaurant, but due to our seating arrangement his chair was too close to the table behind us and he would not have been able to get down on one knee.  He had to improvise.

We soon learned that at midnight there would be fireworks, and that we would be able to see them from the roof of our restaurant.  We finished dinner, a few minutes before midnight and went up to the roof.

The clock struck 12 and about 15 seconds later the rest of our group joined us.  My mom had us go around in a circle and say what our resolutions were for the coming year.  Boyfriend was last, and when it was his turn he said that his resolution would beat the rest of ours...  And he got down on one knee ! ! !  {he had more of a speech prepared, but forgot it in the moment! hehe}

I was shocked and just stood there for a few seconds.  Even though I should've known it would be coming, it still felt like a surprise in the moment.  He hadn't said anything, so I blurted out, "You're not going to say anything?!" and finally, "Will you marry me?!"

"Of course!!" I said.  Cue to my mom's bad quality camera phone. 

2013 will be a great year.


  1. so excited for you! Congratulations!!! :)

  2. Congrats again!!! I'm beyond happy for you two!!

  3. Congrats to you both! How amazing and how lovely of him to ask what he should do! Bless him.

    May you both be very happy!