Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tropical Fruit: Current Favorites

One of my favorite things about living in the DR is the abundance of cheap, local fruits that I still consider "exotic" as a foreigner.  Unlike in the US, the fruits and vegetables are sold much cheaper than packaged foods in the supermarkets, which is very motivating when trying to maintain a healthy diet.  A couple times a week I buy a big fruit plate on the street for breakfast, and for a little over $1 I can eat mango, papaya, pineapple, clementines..  The list goes on. 

The local fruits are obviously worked into all kinds of beverages and foods (especially desserts); these are some that have been in my diet a lot this month.

Passionfruit.  Its usually too sour to eat by itself (its like biting into a lemon!), so most people dump a whole spoon of sugar on top when eating it raw.  We never buy passionfruit at home, but we love it on cheesecakes, in mousses, and in margaritas.  Last Sunday I ate this cereal coated cream cheese french toast with a thick and creamy passionfruit syrup at La Dolcerie.  Delicious!

Starfruit.  Its called Carambola in Spanish and despite how much I eat it, I seem to never learn how to pronounce it right!  A always laughs at me..  It always reminds me of the math term Parabola [nerd alert].  In the past month I've had it as a juice and as a dessert, marinated in a sugar syrup.  I had plans to use it as a marmalade on toast, but I ate it too soon!

Lulo.  I really don't think this one exists in English!  Its called "tiny orange" in some South American countries and is originally from Columbia, Ecuador, and Peru.  I had never heard of it until recently and I had it as a juice a few nights ago.  Its a citrus fruit about the size of a plum, and is of course very high in Vitamin C.  Are you familiar with it? 

I love the way this tropical island has affected my diet; I am much healthier and I snack on more natural fruit than ever before!  Is it easy for you to incorporate local produce in your diet?  

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