Friday, February 1, 2013

Impatience, Anxiety, & Immigration

You know that feeling when you're in a job you no longer like, you finally know when your last day will be, and you're counting down the days and hours until you get there?  Well imagine that, being so close to your "last day" and then finding out that you're stuck there.  Your plans have fallen though and now you have no idea when your "last day" will be.  Thats how I feel, and its not only with my job, its with my life in general.  It blows.

A and I had plans to leave this May to spend 6 months living and working in Santorini, Greece.  The plan has fallen through and I'm feeling extremely restless about spending more (full time) time in the DR.  I stopped feeling challenged in my job months ago, the country continues to fall apart before my eyes; there is more crime, higher prices, and very little opportunity for securing a well paid job.  I am dying to get out!  The good thing is that he feels the same way, and so, it seems, its time to begin the US immigration process.  

Everyone's situation is unique when it comes to immigration, but here's how ours will go down (or so we think/hope/pray).  Boyfriend and I get married in March.  As in March 2013.  As in one month from now.  This way we can deposit our paperwork at the US embassy toward the end of May.  Luckily for us, our "case" style is given priority here in Santo Domingo, and approximately one month later [June] we have the appointment where we prove that our marriage to one another is valid and not for his citizenship (through old pictures, Facebook, bank accounts, love letters, utility bills with our names, etc etc).  If they believe us, THAT WE REALLY LOVE EACH OTHER!, they give A his green card.  

The tricky part is, once he is given his green card, he has only 1 month to permanently move to the US.  We are hoping to move to California, but how do we make an international move without jobs lined up?  What do we do with the apartment we own here?  How long can we last without an income?  What if we end up on the streets?!  Ok, that last one may sound a bit extreme, but you catch my drift..  As we get closer to our visa appointment, the timing will be so precise that it seems nearly impossible to get a job offer before we actually make the move.  

I know deep down that the biggest, most drastic life changes usually end up for the best.  Everything happens for a reason and I know that things will be ok in the end - they just have to be - but this doesn't stop me from feeling anxious, nervous, or worried.  I know its normal, but it still sucks!  How do you get through a stressful adventure?!  Advice needed..  


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  1. I'll be thinking of you! Just know that everything will work out for a reason and enjoy the ride!

  2. I am so sorry that you have to deal with visa issues they suck. They just suck. My husband is Australian and I'm American and we live in Australia. In the last couple of years we had to make some pretty big decisions re: visa. It was awful and stressful.

    I don't have any advice, because it just sucks - so I guess my advice is this...acknowledge that it sucks but keep plugging along, the pieces fall where they fall - and well, when it comes to visas there is no control on your end (except for getting your paperwork in correctly, obviously).

  3. I really hope everything works our for you both! Drastic moves are scary but totally worth it if you can adapt! I mean I made the move and learnt a completely new language for the Mr... it's not easy ditching a career, family and friends!

    good luck with everything!