Friday, February 22, 2013

Valentine's Day, a Week and a Day Later

Just like our very first Valentine's Day together, we celebrated with Italian for dinner.  
This was what our night looked like. 

La Scarpetta; my favorite Italian place in town.  I feel like its a secret of ours because its cozy, truly authentic, and not very well known, but very delicious.

Our appetizer.  Served with warm bread.

My Valentine.

His dish: Pesto covered fish & potatoes.

Me..  Not looking very glamorous.  Eeek.

The dessert that I STILL can't stop daydreaming about,
A simple mascarpone pudding with strawberries.

Hope your day was just as sweet.
I'm totally cheesy.


  1. wow! italian valentine date must be very romantic. and who says you're not looking good on that photo? you're pretty. you might have high standard for yourself.

  2. Yum! The food looks absolutely amazing.