Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February Recap & Gratitude

Can you believe that its the end of February?  I can't believe how fast 2013 is flying by.  February has been busy for me, yet I've felt bored and uninspired.  How does that work?  Mixed emotions I tell you.  As a pick me up to myself, I've decided to list some things that I'm feeling especially grateful for this month.

Being involved in lots of activities.  I take 2 yoga classes a week and I'm also enrolled in a salsa class, since "learning how to dance" was my new years resolution for 2013.  This Saturday is the last class, and if I don't enroll in more than Belly Dancing class (really!) is looking up..

My health and feeling strong.  I don't exactly feel fit all the time, but I'm proud of all the running fiancé and I have been doing and I'm so happy to be feeling "ready" for our half marathon next month!

Holidays and celebrations.  Today is Independence Day in the Dominican Republic which means no work!  This month there was Valentines Day and 2 birthdays in A's family.  Speaking of which, I'm also grateful for this homemade strawberry cake from a few weeks back.

Beautiful, natural scenery.  I was in awe when I saw these two colorful trees pop up out of nowhere on our hike last weekend.  I've never seen flowers like these before!  Although I often feel frustrated within the chaotic, congested city of Santo Domingo, leaving the city makes me feel fortunate that I live where I live - many people spend their whole lives without ever seeing a beach like this one, which is often times a casual Saturday for me!



  1. Salsa sounds like so much, I took swing dance classes for a long time - but once I met my husband I stopped. I've been really looking forward to getting back into them again.