Monday, February 11, 2013

A Saturday of Sun & Salsa {the Dancing Kind}

I feel blessed on this dreary Monday for having spent a good portion of the weekend outside!  On Saturday, fiancé and I headed to Boca Chica beach, the closest beach town to the capital, about 30 minutes from where we live.  We arrived early, around 11 AM, and the beach was full of Europeaners!  Who knew February was the time to travel to the DR?!

Happily soaking in some Vitamin D!
These are some pictures I took with my iPhone.  I was trying to explain to A that the water just looked so "juicy" to me, so tempting..  It makes me want to just jump right in!  The look on his face told me he simply did not get it.  Clearly this Caribbean boy does not appreciate where he comes from. ;)

On Saturday night, A & I took our first salsa class.  I am not a dancer, not a dancer AT ALL, but it was my new years resolution to learn how to dance "Dominican," so when his sister told me about the offer on a local version of Groupon, I signed us both up.  He, of course, already knows how to dance, but I was a wuss and didn't want to do it alone!  

I was dreading it the whole day.  I was not ready to watch myself dance in front of a mirror and other people, but miraculously I did not fail!  I left feeling so proud that I wasn't the worst person in the class!  Hehehe.  I'll probably have "Uno, dos tres..  Cinco, seis, siete.." stuck in my head until our class next Saturday.  I'm so happy that I finally pushed myself into learning.  It seems like it will actually be fun when I know what I'm doing!

Post-Salsa Dinner

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