Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Holiday Birthday

Boyfriend Fiancé {its still weird to call him that} is the only boy in his family and has 3 sisters.  All three sisters have birthdays on national bank holidays here in the DR - how cool would it be to never have to work on your birthday!?

A's oldest sister, Afife, turned 34 on Saturday.  This was the girl that consoled me as a cried about turning the deathly ripe age of 25 and feeling unaccomplished on my last birthday.  She is 34 now and I swear you would think she was younger than I am.  Her easy breezy personality and happy spirit will forever keep her young - I wish I was more like her!

We celebrated with a birthday lunch at their parents house.  A's youngest sister is always in charge of the table settings.  She is creative and resourceful and always finds things around the house to use for decoration.  She plucked flowers from the yard and put one under each water glass.

The middle sister of the family, Michelle, is a wonderful cook and our menu consisted of a garden salad, a cheesy butter baked bread, quiche, and a creamy shrimp risotto, carbs galore!  I was super proud that I cooked the shrimp.  They may have been a little overcooked; I thought the pinker the better!  Can you tell how little I cook?  So disappointed that I didn't take pictures of the food :(

For dessert we had a cake with prune filling.  They are very common here and although they don't sound so mouth watering they are actually quite delicious!  Tastes more like a raisin or date filling than anything.  Have you tried one?  Prunes are so good for you!

Sunset view from the house

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