Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas at the Beach - Year 2

This year was my 2nd Christmas spent in the Dominican Republic, and my 2nd Christmas spent on the beach eating seafood while watching the sunset.  Since here the holiday is celebrated on the night of the 24th, the 25th is typically spent lounging around.  We had a very lazy day and made it to Neptuno's just before the sunset.  

Neptuno's is the neighboring restaurant of where we had dinner last Christmas.  Its located on a big wooden dock/terrace above the calm waters of Boca Chica.  It has plush lounge chairs and stairs on both sides so that you can also sunbathe and swim if you wish.

{These photos are taken with my iPhone - imagine how they would've turned out had I used a real camera!} 

We had cocolocos and beer.  We had crab stuffed shrimps and shrimp risotto.  We had a seafood stew with lobster, fish, and potatoes.  And we had the best dulce de leche ice cream I've ever tasted to finish it off.  

I hope your Christmas was merry and filled with just as much yummy food.
What did you eat on Christmas?