Friday, April 5, 2013

I'm About to Run 13.1 and My Foot Hurts

Our most recent 10K with the family
I can't believe that its finally here.   After an exaggeratingly {made-up word} long six month training, our first half marathon is this Sunday!  We are running the Punta Cana Marathon and I am oh so nervous.  Oh, and my foot has been in pain since Wednesday night..

Six months ago I created this training plan.  The first numbers are the amount of miles I had planned for my long run each week, and the numbers in (parenthesis) are what I actually did.  I had planned to run at least 3x/week, but in reality it was more like 2.2.  Running on a 3 mile road, back and forth, back and forth, gets so boring!  My last long run was only 10 miles, and it was brutal!  I don't feel as prepared as I thought I would, so my only goal for this half is to finish without walking. :)

That is, if I can make it through without my foot swelling up like a basketball!  On Wednesday I ran 4 miles and out of nowhere I had pain on the outside of my foot.  When I start googling, it leads me to believe that I have a stress fracture which means I shouldn't run for 6 weeks..  So I'm just going to ignore that until Sunday evening...  Go figure that I have my first ever injury 4 days before the half!

Even if I don't finish with my dead foot, I will still be proud that I've made it here; that my body is able to endure over 2 hours of nonstop running, when a few years ago I could barely run a few blocks without feeling pain in my chest and huffing and puffing!  I've come a long way since we did our first 10K here last year.

This will be my mental image this Sunday... 

Happy Friday! 


  1. You are inspiring Tia! I can't even imagine enduring this kind of physical challenge in my state..hehe. Best wishes with the run!

  2. i really want to be a runner. i try to run a lot but just HATE it!

  3. Oh man, I hope you're wrapping your foot to help with the pain! Good Luck!

  4. Ah! Good luck with your half marathon!!! :-) Sorry your foot isn't cooperating!

  5. oh i hope your run went well! i have just started to get back into running and it is TOUGH