Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Detox Cleanse: Halfway There, In Search of Snacks

Last Tuesday I finally started a 2 week detox cleanse with a kit I had purchased in October from a Whole Foods in California ('m doing this one).  In addition to swallowing about 13 pills a day, I've been trying to eat as clean as possible and I've completely cut out dairy and gluten.  I've been eating so much fruit!  And chicken and fish and vegetables and nuts.  And for the carbs, I get my fix from brown rice (about every other day) and quinoa - I even made cinnamon breakfast quinoa with almond milk this weekend.  Yay for branching out! 

The first three days were really hard.  I felt extremely fatigued {could barely practice yoga} and even depressed, as if not eating cereal for breakfast or an occasional cookie from work was such torture!  Haha.  I was also very bloated, felt sort of flu-y, and had very strange dreams.  I searched my symptoms on Friday and it turns out that they were all symptoms of gluten withdrawal.  Does this mean that my cleanse is working?  I hope so!  

My energy has come back and I'm no longer day dreaming about sugary sweets like I was at the beginning of the cleanse.  I feel normal now, although sometimes I struggle to eat enough calories since there is only so much fruit and veggies a girl can eat.  I'm going to make some hummus and lentils this week, but I need more snack ideas that aren't raw fruit and veggies or nuts!  Anyone have any ideas?

Have you done a detox cleanse? 
Did it work? 

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  1. Wow, sounds like a great cleanse! can you eat nuts? a nut mix makes a great snack.