Monday, April 23, 2012

10K Recap - 1:06

We did it!  10K.  6.25 miles.  Done.

Our day started at the crack of dawn and by 5:30 AM we were waking up on a bus playing loud Dominican rap and highly inappropriate music videos.  A couple hours later we were in Santiago, and in true island time, the event started at least an hour after its scheduled start time, allowing for the sun to fully come out and shine down upon us tired and sweaty runners.  

The Start & Finish Line
The race was much harder than I thought it would be!  I wasn't expecting the majority of the race to be uphill, and especially not the final stretch!  The whole run I thought to myself, Positive energy, Tia, just think to yourself that you're actually enjoying this, because I honestly felt like death!  I grabbed the water and Gatorade at every chance I got and poured the majority of both over my head.

The best part was about halfway through when we passed by a man at the foot of his driveway with a hose.  I ran toward him at full speed with arms flailing - he probably thought I was going to run him over - but sure enough he hosed me down with water.  I began the second half sopping wet; its a miracle that my iPod and earphones still work!

Before & After
Its funny how races work.  The whole time I couldn't wait for it to be over, but now that its over I look forward to doing it again.  Why do we love the pain?!  Beats me.

Right after the finish line - Not my prettiest moment
Our 15K is in one month.  
I'll try and remember to smile and look happy upon completion!


  1. I'm so proud of you tiarenie!! Great job! This sounds like a fun day :)

  2. You seriously have a gift for telling stories. So funny!!! Hahaha. I'm so proud!!! Congratulationss!!!!

  3. Wow you`re so amazing! Congratulations)


  4. Congrats!! Racing and meeting goals is such an awesome feeling :)