Thursday, April 5, 2012


After countless months of a completely uninterested boyfriend, I finally convinced him to try yoga.  We were recommended a very affordable yoga studio by a friend of his, and on Tuesday night we attended our first class.  We've signed up for one month of yoga (two classes weekly) and I couldn't be more pleased!

I've dabbled in yoga over the years, but have mostly only attended classes offered at the gym.  What a difference it makes when you go to a class at a real yoga studio!  Our studio offers various types of yoga and has classes of different lengths - we are able to attend whichever classes we want.  

Reasons This Makes Me Happy: 
1.  Yoga does wonders for the body - physically and mentally.
2.  Yoga is the perfect way to balance our 15K training.
3.  I've been out of the classroom for what feels like an eternity, and so I'm excited to participate in a class again and learn something new.
4.  I can tell boyfriend I told you so in a month from now when he's completely fallen in love with our new hobby.

I already can't wait for our next class!  Try something new.  Its refreshing. 


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  1. Great post. I never thought I would like it either..although I still dont like the "normal" yoga..too slow for me. But Bikram..yes!