Monday, April 2, 2012

What the Weekend Looked Like

On Saturday night we were offered free VIP tickets to an Enrique Bunbury concert.  What?  You have never heard of him?  Don't worry, I hadn't either, which is why I was completely astounded by the hundreds of mega fans belching out every word of his lyrics. 

To be honest, I hadn't wanted to go, I was so looking forward to a big Italian dinner with A.  But it turns out I was pleasantly surprised by this flame-suit-wearing, Shirley Temple-haired Spanish man that looked like a performing Brady Bunch kid.  His music was a combination of pop, rock, and country; and I loved that there was so much variety from song to song. 

On Sunday we did end up having that big Italian meal for lunch.  Boyfriend had a rich seafood risotto tinted by squid ink - love those - and I had an eggplant pomodoro tagliatelle dish covered in fresh mozzarella {perfect Monday left overs}.  After, we lounged around A's parents' house and I snacked on these tart mini cherries from el campo - they tasted like mini red peppers!  Boyfriend snacked on marshmallows {opposites attract}.