Saturday, April 21, 2012

A 10K

We signed up and we may be crazy.  Tomorrow morning we'll be taking a bus to the city of Santiago (home of yaroa!) to participate in a 10K with thousands of other runners.  Why should this make us crazy?  Because it means we are waking up at 4:45 AM on a Sunday morning - our only day to sleep in - only to run 6.1 miles in a very hilly and disgustingly hot city!  I've been feeling low on energy today but I believe that the scenery of a new place and the race day adrenaline will be enough to get me past the finish line.  Plus, since this distance fits perfectly in our 15K training, it should be a breeze, right?...  Right.

Now its down to the last minute decisions:
Shorts or running pants?
Breakfast or something light?
To set a time goal or to run freely?

Thoughts?  Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck!!!! My thoughts are with you!! But you don't need luck, cause you are going to make it easily! I'm already super proud of your willpower!

    You just need an: "Enjoy it!!! and take pictures of before and after!!" That's always fun ;) Besitos!!

  2. good luck tiasters you are going to do SO SO SO awesome!! Cant wait for the recap!

  3. Hope it went very well for you Tia! Looking forward to hearing all about it:) That's such a huge accomplishment...I can't even begin to imagine how hard you worked for it...Congrats!! xx Marisa

  4. Such a great quote!! Glad it went well for you!!!