Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hello May

Its been a week and a half since my last post - definitely the longest pause in my blog since its birth last summer! 

Things That Have Happened within the Last Week:

Birthday Girl
We celebrated my friend Anahi's birthday Peruvian style with ceviche and ají de gallina - if you haven't tried this dish you must!  Every time I have it I daydream about taking a foodie trip to Peru.

I started law translation work on the side.  Its just an hour or two a week when I feel like doing it, and it will give me fun money to pay for extra things like my yoga classes and salon visits.

A's nephews
We watched little boys play soccer on Saturday morning.  Its so funny to watch them because they sort of just run back and forth chasing the ball.

I had a meltdown because I'm on the verge of 25 {quarter life crisis} and sometimes it just feels impossible to live in this very dysfunctional country.

Lots of Clams
My very low key weekend involved too much eating.  We went to an authentic Spanish restaurant and had clams, patatas bravas, chorizo, and sangria.  My sangria consumption could be compared to that while living in Barcelona, because just the next night we had neon colored sangria at another eatery close by. 

Boyfriend and I ran the longest run we've ever ran in our lives!  7 miles after a huge pizza lunch; it felt like quit the accomplishment.  Only 2.3 miles away from our 15k!  Almost there. 

I attempted to quit my job but it just doesn't really happen - I was even told, "I don't care if you spend 3 hours on Facebook everyday, just please stay!"  

I am taking a very-much-needed two week vacation off of work and the Dominican way of life.  The countdown for 2 PM Monday has begun.

In the meantime, my birthday is tomorrow!  I am half way done with my twenties - not quite sure how I feel about that! 


  1. oh happy birthday!!! Looks like you had a fun past week - and i must say i love sangria)


  2. Happy Birthday sweetie!!! I hope you had an amazing time.