Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Case of the Tuesdays

Its crazy how much can change at work when you're gone for two weeks.

Our headquarters store now has a new store manager who likes to micromanage, threaten employees, and order people around just because he thinks he can.  We do not get along to say the least.  And when you work in a small company, one bad apple is enough people to ruin your day.  If our jobs were in English (or if he even understood English), he would've been running for the hills last week, but since Spanish is not my native language, I become timid with him, and when I can't express myself I unintentionally give him the power [despite the fact that my position is well above his].  Wah wah.  

I've been blessed to never have worked with such a difficult individual until now, but I'm frustrated that it has to be in Spanish!  I applaud all of those who work in a language that is not their own!  Its hard.  I do not want this one insignificant person to continue ruining my day, so bear with me while I focus on all the good there is in my job:

-I recently got a promotion
-I am getting an assistant to do the work that I don't want to do
-I have a good relationship with everyone at work besides said person
-I'm home every day at 4:40 PM if not earlier
-I can eat ceviche for lunch everyday I wish with the market across the street :)


Its so easy to dwell on the negative 
and so hard to focus on the positive.  

If I'm learning one thing while living in the DR it is exactly that sentence.  It has become a constant mental training and challenge to not let negativity fill my brain, and if anything, this not so special person will help me defeat my personal challenge!  Cheers to difficult individuals. 


  1. Cheers to that!! I soooo understand what you mean!!! I had this challenge for the past year and couple of months but I can tell you, you will overcome this and feel proud about yourself. One day you'll be able to say to him in a very authoritative tone whatever you want to say, all straight wihout having to stop and think if the sentence is right! That day is about to come!!! hehee. Besitos!! y mucho ánimo campeona!!! xoxo

  2. Oh honey, I know what you mean. I quit my job three weeks ago, just because of this. I'm tired of this, people treating us like shit, just because they can.