Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Spa Day

Today I spent my morning at the spa.  
{Wish I said that sentence once a week}

Boyfriend has a knack at getting me good gifts, and for my birthday last week he got me a spa package, which is exactly what I needed!  Its been 10 months (MONTHS) since I've been to a spa, so today I soaked up every second I had with my cucumber-slice eye lids on.  I had a good sweat in the sauna (I even begged asked for more minutes there), got my dead body skin scrubbed away by a madwoman, had a facial with some painful extractions (who knew I had so many forehead zits?!), and finished the treatments with a very relaxing massage.  

When boyfriend came home today he told me I looked more shiny {this word has been changed to "glowing" in my head and I'm pretending its a compliment}.  And tonight we'll take the more calming Hatha style yoga class at our studio, which will be the perfect way to end a day like today.  

Gracias, mi melón. 

PS - This afternoon I learned how to eat a mango thats not yet ripe:  with salt and lemon juice! Yum!  Oh, the things I learn from this Caribbean boy of mine... 

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  1. glad you treated yourself.. that sounds like the PERFECT day!