Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The 15K We Somehow Survived

Finish Line
So.  10 weeks ago I saw news of a 15K which would take place last Saturday.  I pleaded and begged boyfriend to do it with me, because lets face it, who wants to do 10 weeks of training when other important things could be done, like watching Two & a Half Men and 2 Broke Girls?  He reluctantly agreed, and so we began the 3-runs-a-week training program that I [clearly the professional] created.

All went swimmingly until Chicago happened.  We had been used to running in 85 degree {29 celsius} + high humidity, so running in 65 degrees {18 celsius} + strong head winds was enough to make our heads and ears hurt (us poor babies, I know).  We barely ran for two weeks and the week of our return to Caribbean running would be the same week as the 15K.

Boyfriend said no way was he doing it, the post vacay shock of the humidity would be enough to turn anyone off, but for some reason that only God knows, we decided to give it a go.

The race was said to start at 5:07 PM.  We arrived at 5:05, and as soon as we walked up toward the start line the runners had already taken off!  We began running at once, no stretching, no preparation, nada.  It was sunny and unbearable hot for the first half.  The route couldn't have been more boring, as it was just the same road back and forth, twice!  But we finished it and maintained our pace the whole way through! Never in my life did I think I would be able to run 9.3 miles, but I did it!

{Please note A's loving look}
Things I learned:
-Even if your race is somewhere with island time, try to arrive early.
-If you continue pouring water over your head, your cheap Apple earphones will eventually stop working.  Bye, bye, volume buttons.
-Remember that your photo will be taken at the finish line, try to look pretty.  {Should have learned last time}
-Don't eat ribs and a casserole for lunch before your 5 PM race. 


  1. OMG sooo proud of you!!!! The pic is amazing!!! hahaha, you were so well prepared!! Love it! Congratulations!!! i want your willpower, have some left? ;)

  2. Oh wow...congrats! That really is such a huge feat. I can never imagine running for that long and in that humidity. I'm part of a team who is organizing a local 5k - I am so excited for that - seeing this gives me some more inspiration for sure:) Love that finishing photo of you!!